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In , a pious New England family find themselves alone on a remote property, situated on the outskirts of the woods. When strange things start to occur the family turn on each other in an attempt to make sense of what is going on, but this only seems to escalate events and amplify their complete isolation.

This film is genuinely creepy and unsettling, and even though we as the viewer know what is going on, it is still difficult not to question the sanity and morality of the characters as things begin to escalate. Like a rotten apple with a worm in it, this film left me with a disturbed and revolted feeling.

Troy Taylor

And even though critics heavily disagree with me here and prefer the original offering to this new version; I am sticking to my horror loving guns when I tell you that this film is genuinely creepy as hell. James's sister Heather went missing years ago in the Burkittsville forest whilst investigating the legend of the Blair Witch, convinced that she may still be alive, he rallies together a group of friends to join him in the woods in an attempt to find her and unravel the mystery of the Blair Witch. The found footage film style does it make it hard to gauge what is actually going on all of the time, but this film is supposed to be disorientating, that's what the Blair Witch movies are all about so it didn't bother me in the least.

I actually liked the version Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 as well, which also got an absolute slamming from critics. The acting is actually pretty decent for a low budget horror movie and I thought that Callie Hernandez in particular was really strong, especially since she just needed to look convincingly terrified throughout, which she somehow managed to do with an escalating urgency. I personally do find the idea of being lost in the woods for days and days on end particularly in an unending darkness a pretty scary and unsettling concept, so maybe that's why I like these movies as much as I do, that and the fact that they are about the legend of an old witch that haunts the woods, and I sure do love a witch tale.

Night Shyamalan, this mystery-horror has a good measure of intrigue and a few decent jump scares to keep you interested until the final reveal. Generally received with tepid reviews, The Visit wasn't universally adored, but I did find the story-line interesting even though I could see the plot twist coming from a mile away and I was entertained and engaged, which may have mostly been due to Ed Oxenbould's cheeky comic relief in the form of a thirteen year old boy named Tyler.

Teen brother and sister - Becca and Tyler, are sent to stay with their estranged grandparents for a week. The children find themselves increasingly concerned as their grandparents begin to reveal unusual and disturbing behaviours that appear to be escalating as the days pass by. Hardly a life changer, but The Visit isn't a bad way to pass an hour and half either, it is definitely worth a look. Things start to go very wrong at the Davison family reunion when a group of axe-wielding, mask wearing murderers decide to join the party.

The acting here is not great, in fact at times it is woefully bad and some of the blood effects did look suspiciously like red paint, but who really cares? Directed and written by David Robert Mitchell, It Follows is a smart and original horror that will make even the toughest horror fans edgy with it's fast building paranoia.

The only way to get rid of this follower is to have sex with someone else and then they become the followed, however, if they should be killed by it, then it automatically transfers itself back to the last in line. This is terrifically atmospheric horror, working on multiple levels and rife with tension and anxiety.

Haunted Places (Documentary)

The story plays out well, with a cast of virtually unknown youngsters all behaving convincingly horrified and concerned, and the overall feeling that you are left with is one of unease, what more could you ask for when it comes to horror? First time writer and director Gerard Johnstone demonstrates that a bit of imagination and creativity can really go a long way in horror by delivering an interesting script that is as fresh as it is funny.

Kylie Bucknell has been placed under house arrest and forced to return to her family home to complete her sentence. Her mother is convinced that their home is haunted, which everyone has continually dismissed. However, when Kylie starts to hear and see things for herself, she is no longer sure that her mother is delusional at all.

This is a funny and creepy haunted house movie. There are some genuinely good jump scares to be had which did actually manage to get me at one point , some ridiculous blood spatter antics and a decent amount of intrigue in the storyline to keep your interest levels up. Dubbed as the Mad Max of zombie movies, there's enough undead apocalyptic mayhem to sate even the most die-hard zombie fan's appetite.

Directed by new comer Kiah Roache-Turner and co-written with his brother Tristan, Wyrmwood took four years to complete since they only filmed on weekends, and it has all of the makings of a true cult classic. After his wife and daughter both fall victim to the zombie virus, Barry teams up with Benny in an attempt to find his sister. Together they create a battle car that runs on some rather unusual fuel, arm themselves with rudimentary weaponry and armour and attempt to slay their way across the Aussie outback.

Unbeknownst to them, Barry's sister has been taken hostage and is being used in some twisted zombie experiments that are being undertaken by a very creepy, psychotic doctor. This movie is not trying to be anything more than what it is- a zombie movie. All the right elements are here, from the brutal and ridiculous gore to the amusing comic relief.

Suspiria received great critical acclaim for it's visual and stylistic flair. The use of vibrant colours and high impact gothic-opera style music made it quickly rise to cult status and soon found it's way onto many 'must see' horror film lists.

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Suzy Jessica Harper travels to Germany to join a prestigious ballet academy but soon realises that something insidious and supernatural is at play, as girls start to go missing and are murdered in a most grisly fashion. This is truly riveting and deeply atmospheric horror, having watched it recently I can assure you that none of it's impact has been lost over the years. There is a sinister and unsettling tone to this movie that makes even mundane objects feel completely menacing.

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The colour contrasts and lighting are used brilliantly to enhance and disturb, and the soundtrack is hauntingly hypnotic and nightmarish. Here is a true homage to all things horror related and anyone that has seen a large slab of horror in their time will get a lot out of this movie. Five friends go for a break to a remote cabin in the woods, certainly nothing new about this plot; but there is a lot more going on at this cabin than there has ever been before.

Together they must solve the secret of the cabin in an attempt to survive the night, but the challenges are great and the stakes are high. The young cast of newcomers play out their roles perfectly and as we have come to expect from Whedon, there is a lot of wit and humour to be found here. This movie is a lot of fun and a definite must see for all serious horror fans. The Ring was received with critic acclaim for its ability to scare the living crap out of it's viewers by using dread and subtle visuals and for not relying on gore to instill terror.

Essentially, this is a mystery as much as it is a horror, with a very clear underlying tale unfolding as the movie develops. After viewing a certain videotape, people mysteriously die under horrible circumstances within a week. A journalist is forced to solve the case when her son accidentally watches the film, leaving her only days to uncover the secret behind the videotape's power. This is creepy horror, lots of long pauses and tonnes of build.

Timeline of Halloween-related cartoons | Halloween Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The film is speckled with images that are supposed to disturb or confuse, I found them pretty unnecessary, but light weight horror watchers will probably find that stuff scary. Having seen both versions, I think that the version is slightly better, but either one will do really, they're pretty similar, it just depends on whether you can handle subtitles or not. The Crow developed a cult following not only for it's Gothic styling but also because of Brandon Lee's untimely death that occurred onset during filming for the movie.

Guitarist Eric Draven and his fiancee are brutally tortured and murdered by a group of dead beat thugs. Draven is resurrected from the dead and has a spirit connection to a crow that accompanies him as he systematically exacts his revenge on his killers. This movie was never groundbreaking, but if you like to see douchebags getting their comeuppance from some pissed off undead dude in black leather and face paint, then this is for you. Written and directed by Sam Raimi, this was the first in a long line of scary 'cabin in the woods' types of films and it is the best and most original cult-classic of it's kind.

When it was released in , it terrified audiences with it's graphic violence and cutting edge effects, and although it has dated a little, it is still a must see for all series horror watchers. Five friends travel to a remote cabin in the woods and stupidly read from the book of the dead, awakening an ancient evil that has the power to possess people and even the woods around them.

That bloody book of the dead, it gets 'em every time! This film also launched Bruce Campbell's career and set him up for a lifetime of 'Ash' related adventures including two more Evil Dead installments both horror - comedy , a TV series and even an Evil Dead video game. Keep your eyes out for the annoying 'dead before dawn' chanting demon under the floor, we used to call her the Avon lady when I was a kid, she's relentless! Scarlet, an intrepid explorer, takes a team of guides and curious friends into the Parisian catacombs in search of the Philosophers Stone, with dire consequences. I would have liked to have seen a bit more 'Hellmouth' action to be honest, because the lead up was far too long and the actual 'hell time' was fleeting, under-developed and rushed.

The plausibility of the story line had more holes in it than Swiss cheese, but overall I am still giving this a thumbs up for it's claustrophobic effect and creepy weirdness. The master of suspense horror really drew me in with this tale of birds gone wrong. All of the creepy depictions of menacing roosting fowl in this movie are truly terrifying and for that reason The Birds will always be one of my favourite classic horror films of all time.

America's Most Haunted

Socialite Melanie Daniels Tippi Hedren purchases a pair of lovebirds for a client's sister's eleventh birthday gift, utterly unaware that this is NOT the time to be purchasing birds of any kind. For some unknown reason, all things avian have gone completely bonkers and are starting to attack people. Clearly out for blood and eyeballs the birds gather in increasing numbers and start to create havoc for the residents of Bodega Bay, California. And trust me, after seeing this movie you will never see a murder of crows and not have a second glance over your shoulder at them ever again!

There is an element of emotional, religious and aesthetic content that definitely increases the tension within the already seriously creepy environment that viewers are thrust into upon watching the movie. Rose takes her adopted daughter Sharon to Silent Hill, a place that she calls out for when she is dreaming.

A mysterious child appears in the middle of the road and causes them to crash, and when Rose awakens she discovers that Sharon has gone. Rose must search the eerily deserted and barren landscape of Silent Hill to find her missing daughter and to uncover the mysterious link between Silent Hill and Sharon.

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Silent Hill is a freak show of truly macabre and mangled occupants, and what this movie lacks in story line it makes up for in special effects and deeply disturbing horror scenarios. Keep your eyes open for Pyramid Head and those twisted fricken nurses, they're the stuff of nightmares! And it is easy to see why this movie got such notoriety; the effects were utterly gob-smacking in their time and the script is witty and intriguing, it's a true classic horror movie.

David and Jack are just two American college students backpacking through Britain, until one night when they are brutally attacked by a wolf.

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Jack is killed in the attack, and David survives only to discover that he has been completely changed by the event and that his dead friend Jack is not really resting in peace at all. The horror is scary, the comedy is black and the effects are still unsettling even today, it's a really great watch. Directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, this is a hilarious take on all classic vampire tales and is delivered with a clever and witty dialogue that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Viago, Deacon, Petyr and Vladislav are four housemate vampires, just trying to get by in the 21st century. However, just because you're a vampire, that doesn't mean that you are only immune to silver and sunlight, you also have to contend with not hitting a main artery, not being able to see your sexy reflection in a mirror, not being able to enter a nightclub without an invitation and then there's the chore wheel! Clement and Waititi have taken the lead roles of Viago and Vladislav on with good humour and charm, Jonathon Burgh is hysterical as the sexy dancing Deacon and Ben Fransham is a dead ringer for Nosferatu as the ancient vampire Petyr.

This is a great example of horror-comedy done right, it's funny for all of the wrong reasons but I was laughing out loud the whole way through. FBI agent Clarice Starling Jodie Foster is on the hunt for a serial killer nicknamed 'Buffalo Bill' due to his penchant for skinning his victims and making items of clothing from their hides.