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It is enticing. It fits perfectly with the diverse reads movement.

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An intersex character is something you never see in YA. In fact, most people have no idea what intersex is and this seemingly looks like a good opportunity to educate. Which is the whole point of diverse books…. The reader, who knew little about intersex going in just a quick Wiki read to familiarize her with terms and an NPR interview or two and was interested in learning more. However, she ended up getting a big fat Lifetime movie in book form. The book started off promising enough.

On that note, what was up with Alex talking about herself in third person? I thought I was dealing with a main character who had dissociative identity disorder. It would make sense, after all, this book read like a melodrama. And a sleazy porn too with the amount of scenes describing the main character jerking off when she looks at herself in the mirror. The whole book reads like this.

And when I finished…I wept for the youth of tomorrow. Argument: I. Social value has a broad definition. Classic example of something that lacks social value. Alex As Well would not be viewed as social value test. While on its surface,it might have interesting topics that are socially relevant total nonsense and stupidity confound it and ruin the book.

Bella Swan obsession and hot conversations can be seen in the novel. There are no cats in this book, so unfortunately, they can not save the book either. Intersex issues also do not really play a role in the book, even though the main character is intersex. Alex as Well has met the criteria of the social value element for a motion for name change.

Alex As Well meets the scope of this very narrow rule. The Book Courts have taken a very staunch view on this element. All of the issues presented in the blurb have to be presented in the work. Alex As Well fails on its face on this test. Alex as Well is similar to The Conspiracy of Us. The Conspiracy of Us failed the issue test as well, since it was suppose to present its audience with a tantalizing puzzle that was similar to The Da Vinci Code.

It was just another boring YA book with a stupid love triangle. The Conspiracy of Us was unique because at first glance the case does not look like it was going to meet the criteria of the issue element. Does not make them issues. Most of the book contents could be described as one of the following things: 1 Alex getting a makeover.

Alex Stein

Oh, yeah it happens. So, yes, it meets the issue test. Ba da bing, ba da bung! Happy now.

Alex As Well

The element must be met by having something so outrageous happen in contrast to the verb that you want to say poppycock. Alex as Well meets this test. The book is filled with melodrama, instead of being thoughtful. The blogger states that she knows nothing about Australian family law again.

However, it does feel odd to her that a couple of phone calls and with the mere word of a sullen teenager that the state would take the teen away from her home. Arguably you can make the case that because her birth certificate was changed against her will at the ripe old age of six months that she is being abused. But… Excuse me while I go laugh. Maybe I should be scared for Australians-parents and kids. Is it really that easy to take away your kids?

The reason why? Surely, it would be similar in Australia? But then again, what do I know? Except that I found this whole thing ridiculous and meeting the outrageous test necessary to meet the requirements of the element. And boy do we meet it. So there, element met.

The blurb meets all the necessary elements for a Motion to Change Blurb to be granted. Alex As Well was a rollercoaster that I did not want to get off of. It blew me away and rendered me speechless. While reading, my mind was constantly churning a million thoughts about Alex, gender identity, and the effects that our parents can have on us and us on them. There are so many elements woven into the very fabric of this story.

I'm in awe of Alyssa Brugman. Usually whenever I'm blown away by a book, I'll gush and post a million gifs.

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But it would feel silly to do that for Alex As Well. It deserves more. It's beyond complex and thought provoking. There were times that I laughed along with Alex.

Alex As Well | Reviews Online | PriceCheck

There were tears. And there was even a fair amount of frustration for Alex and his situation. I finished reading this book weeks ago, and I still think about Alex. Alex isn't just a character. Alex is the androgynous face in the crowd that you wonder about. Alex is that classmate that gets relentlessly teased. Alex is someone you probably know. Alex wasn't a character for me; Alex was real. And that made Alex As Well a little heartbreaking, too.

The way that Alyssa Brugman writes this story really is mind blowing. It was so realistic. Alex's mother made me so angry. I won't mention much because spoilers. But I absolutely hated her. I felt like she was just a horrible person through and through. Her concerns were with herself and not her child.

Alex was facing monumental challenges, and the mother was only concerned with how it was affecting her, not Alex. I don't think you could find a better coming of age story that deals with such complex issues. Readers of all ages will find Alex As Well to be a thought provoking rollercoaster of emotions. I'm so glad that I read it. Jan 22, Liviania rated it really liked it. The protagonist, Alex, was raised as a boy but has recently realized that she identifies as a girl. Her gender identity is complicated by the fact that she's intersex and doesn't fit neatly into either category.

Alex knows she's a girl and is quite firm about it. Her struggles are more about her relationship with her parents especially her mother , getting her birth certificate changed, enrolling in a new school and making new relationships, and finding a job. Honestly, everything but the relationship with her parents goes fairly easily for Alex, but that one thing is bad enough she deserves some easiness.

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The difference between the way Alex and Heather's tellings is striking - particularly the way Heather omits details like hitting Alex with a phone in a moment of passion. By the end Heather is somewhat over the top, but I like that Alex realizes that it is abuse and she doesn't have to put up with it. No matter what anyone tells her, she's not just a selfish teenager. In the beginning, she thinks about conversations with the boy Alex pretty frequently and relies on song lyrics to express her emotions.

She gets less reliant on both as she becomes more comfortable with her new life. However, I can't say that I enjoyed reading it. Every character was so two dimensional and unlikable. I believe that Alex was supposed to be around fifteen, but she acted like she was about twelve years old. It was hard to connect to her as a protagonist, beyond feeling pity for her awful home situation. Even though it was told from her perspective, we didn't get much of her internal thoughts or feelings, outside of her typically snarky reactions to things happening i 1.